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Congratulations on your choice of a new AR Bailey Home. We are excited about building your beautiful new home and we trust you will be delighted not only with the finished product, but with our award winning home building process as well. We would like to help you understand what to expect during this exciting time.

In order to build your home to meet our exacting standards and to insure timely completion for your family we have set up the following schedule of events. By understanding this guideline you will always know how the process is moving forward and you can rest assured that your new AR Bailey home is on schedule and built to your specifications.

Sales Agreement – This is the first step toward your goal of a new AR Bailey Home. This detailed document outlines the price, homesite, type of home, included features and certain optional items. Your AR Bailey Sales Consultant will go over each item in your sales agreement to insure that you understand the terms and conditions and that you get exactly what you want. At this point you will pay a deposit toward your new home that becomes a part of your down payment.

Mortgage Application – You will meet with one of our mortgage counselors who will spend a little time getting to know you. It is important to understand what your goals are when it comes to financing your new home. Your counselor will compare a number of different financing programs that are available and will show you the best program to meet your needs. Your counselor will help you complete an application and give you a list of items that you need to provide for a final approval. We make this process easy. Often your application can be completed right in your AR Bailey Homes sales center.

Color and Option Selections – Many people find this one of the most fun parts of building their new AR Bailey Home. At his point you can choose from among hundreds of options that can add just the right touch to your home. We offer perhaps the most extensive choice of optional items available today so you are sure to find exactly what you are hoping for. You will also choose your carpeting and flooring, cabinetry, counter tops and much more. By adding your personal touches you are making an affordably elegant AR Bailey Home uniquely yours.

Construction – By this time you have finalized your choices and we have completed the building plans for your new AR Bailey Home. What was once a vacant piece of land is now a busy job site. You will see your foundation being poured, concrete block walls going up, roof trusses being set in place by crane and lots of exciting activity. For your safety it is important that you do not visit your new home when work is going on. We’ll make arrangements to update you regularly so, that you don’t feel left out of this exciting building process.

Frame Walk – When the interior of your new home is framed and the plumbing and electrical wiring is in place, we will invite you to join us for a “frame walk”. At this point we will confirm that all of your electrical and plumbing options are in place and point out some of the finer details that are built into your new AR Bailey Home. This can be a great time to take photographs for your scrap book before the drywall goes up to document your exciting journey.

Orientation – When the construction of your new AR Bailey Home is complete we will schedule your new home orientation. At this point we will show you how everything in your new home works and provide tips on maintaining your new home. This is also a great time to make certain that nothing has been overlooked and that the fit and finish meets our high standard of quality. If we discover minor touch up items that need attention we will note these on a “punch list” and take swift action to finalize these small items. We know you will be delighted with your new AR Bailey Home once you see it finished.

Closing – This is the day you have been waiting for! Your new home is complete and ready for you and your family. At the closing you will sign the paperwork that transfers the title to your home into your name. You will sign off on the financing and bring the balance of your down payment, if any, with you, and you will be presented with the keys to your own affordably elegant brand new AR Bailey Home.

Follow Up – After you have moved into your new AR Bailey Home you are not alone. We provide perhaps the most comprehensive warranty program available, and we make it easy to get help if something goes wrong. You can count on AR Bailey Homes to provide great after the sale service to insure that your new homes performs as well as was designed.

We know that you have choices when choosing your homebuilder. At AR Bailey Homes our goal is to make your homebuilding experience so pleasant that you will heartily recommend us to your friends, family and colleagues. We will not be satisfied until you are completely delighted.

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